#Musician | Vishal Mehta from Mumbai, India

A professional drummer who has been playing drums for more than 14 years, this journey consists of the continuous learning of his passion for being the best and a life-long learner. Today, we have Vishal Mehta from Mumbai sharing his journey, experiences, stories who originally belongs to Meerut, Uttar Pradesh.

“I’m the chosen one by music and not vice versa” – Vishal Mehta

The Beginning
Drums are the first & last choice for me. It’s the only thing that comes naturally to me. Pretty much badly, I can play the piano and guitars also but that is just for my reference if I am recording anything. I remember when I was in Grade 4, I did play bongo or congas, Latin instruments. However, my music teacher suggested me to try my hands on drums, and since then I’m hooked on playing it, hence, I believe drums chose me. 

I got into music when I was just 6, slowly and steadily, I continued my learning and I started playing a lot in interschool competitions. The journey of learning continues till I came to college and experienced the real world. I saw the musicians working hard, practicing music, participating in music competitions, representing colleges which was a huge deal. I have experienced all of that at a very young age which inspired me a lot.

I was fortunate enough that I came across a lot of professional and famous drummers across the world like Buddy Rich, Vinnie Colaiuta, Dave Weckl, Dennis Chamber who has been my real inspiration.

The transition didn’t come that easy since there have been a lot of ups & downs, but at the same time, I managed to never let anything come in between me and my chance to play drums. 

For the first 7 years, I was a part of the band “Groove Adda” which is now known as “Aditi Singh Sharma”, a complete mainstream set up of 4 members including me and will always stay close to my heart. It was followed by “Nasya”, an independent band, with whom I played drums for 4 years.

My upcoming project is my second album – “Only You” which is releasing in the first week of January 2021. Well, I wouldn’t say I’m not expecting its success as same as the band Euphoria because albums of every artist sound and feel different from each other. However, I do hope that my album will do the best to its capacity.

Best Creations
My very first album “Alone” saw the light of day on 22nd July 2017. I can never forget how hard I worked for it for someone like me who doesn’t belong to Delhi or any other major city, nor has any relation with any music fraternity. I was very determined to put out everything that I have learned till then. “Alone” definitely is and will always be close to my heart. Later in August 2018, I wrote another single song “Guftagu”, my second creation.

Well, challenges are always hard to manage and you need to be really strong financially, emotionally, socially. 

I got to learn about these when I encountered my very first bad experience in one of the bands I played in my early twenties. This singer of a music band was very sweet but calculative and I do understand that the leader has to go through all the hardships to manage the band. Long story short, after almost 2 years of working with them, when I had asked about my payment, we ended up having a major fight. And interestingly, the fight didn’t happen with the vocalist but the other band members who came out of nowhere. Though I did receive my money with the help of my seniors from the professional world supporting me, however, I decided not to be in touch with them anymore. It was a shock more than a lesson for me that a situation like this could also arise.

I idolize everyone from my junior to my senior, there is not a single person whom I have not learned from whether it’s about life or music. But if I talk about music, I do learn from everyone because everyone is so different from each other. 

Currently, I’m playing with the band Euphoria – a band that everyone worships and idolizes. I’m very fortunate to be a part of it for 6 long years now and they are more like a family. We share a great bond with each & every one.

Apart from a Musician
I would call myself a listener. There is a reason as I have just realized that if I’m not playing my instrument you will find me listening to something or the other related to different genres of music. It’s more like learning through listening if not playing.

“I believe it’s always important to be a student and keep learning as much as you can” – Vishal Mehta 

You can follow his music on Facebook | Instagram | YouTube | Website

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